Clean Water Advocates

About us

We are an ad hoc committee of local residents concerned with the environmental health of the York River and surrounding area. Our immediate interest is in documenting and addressing the condition of the multiple coal-ash disposal sites in York County. Longer term, we hope to participate in planning for the repurposing of refinery and power station properties in the County, with an ultimate goal of establishing a Riverkeeper for the York River basin.

A Riverkeeper’s mission is to act to achieve swimmable, fishable, and drinkable waterways.

Objectives for 2019

Raise awareness of York River water pollution issues, and engage the local community in creating a culture of caring for and advocating for clean water.


Founding Board Members

Randie Trestrail

Cheryl Ferreira

Barbara Luck

Elizabeth Wilkins

Jacques Van Montfrans

David Douglas

Lynn Douglas

Kayla Cahoon

Glen Besa

Tyla Matteson

Bill Blanchard

Robby Evans